MLP EP Recording update #1

So this is my first update for the new MLP recordings.  Since I just opened up this blog, it is coming a little late  in the  process.  So I will just update you to this point.  We have been setting up a portable studio at our house, engineered by our friend Wes Deboy from Muncie.  This has made the recording process very relaxed and not feel too pressured for time.  We are putting 6 songs on the EP, 5 being recorded with Wes and putting 1 live track on there of our instrumental rock song, “Spider”.  As of Tuesday night, we have all of the songs finished instrumentally as well as vocals laid down for each song.  From this point on, it will just be lots of listening to the burned Cd’s and critiquing the vocals and the mix of the songs to see what changes still need to be made.  It is exciting to actually be able to hear all of the melodies along with the music now and know that they are getting close to completion.  We hope to be recording again this coming Monday and Tuesday, which depending on how well they go, could be the last two sessions that we need.

Hoping to have the EP out in September!!

Tonight, we have rehearsal for The Bridge for Sunday morning.  Then we have an all Bridge staff retreat for all 3 Bridge locations.  Should be a good time.
Our Set for Sunday is….

“Beautiful One” – Tim Hughes,

“Mighty to Save” – Hillsong United

“I stand Amazed (how Marvelous)” – Chris Tomlin

“All I need is You” – Hillsong United

“You Said” – Shane and Shane



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