Well this is my first blog in OVER A YEAR!! and its my goal to keep this going consistently this time.

I am down in Evansville, Indiana visiting my parents and my bro and his wife. It’s great to just get away and chill with them for a little while. I live over 4 hours away from all of them so we don’t get together too often.

We have been just hanging out and watching football, esspecially the Colts and Packers, and to see Favre’s first touchdown throw as pretty awesome. We have been playing baseball outback, playing some music outside on the porch and just enjoying everyone’s company.

I head back tomorrow to have our weekly planning meeting to get ready for our 2 year kick off for The Bridge! So we have some exciting things up our sleeves for the service that I will let you guys in on soon.

So here’s to a goood night and here are some pics that my bro took earlier today when we were hangin out.


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  1. Jon

    It’s been fun bro. Glad to see your blogging again.

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