7 years ago

Sept 11th, I had just moved to Nashville, TN to go to Belmont University. I was a freshman, and had only been there a few weeks. There was so much uncertainty that night whether this was just the beginning of combat on our soil. Thank God there has been no more attacks in 7 years, but that does not help anyone who was forever affected with a loss from that day.

An amazing movie to watch tonight if you have time is “Reign over me”. It stars Adam Sandler (looks like Bob Dylan in the movie) and Don Cheadle. Great movie to really grasp the lasting impact that a tragedy can have and how different people deal with such loss.

Where were you 7 years ago?



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4 responses to “7 years ago

  1. Amanda

    Um . . . that is an awesome movie. It really makes you feel for the guy.

    But anyways! Just wanted to say hi!

  2. Jon

    I was in Indiana.. just waking up and eating breakfast when I realized what was going down.

  3. Leanne

    I was asleep in chapel at Geneva (yes … I was that unholy person that slept up in the bleachers). Supposedly they talked about it at chapel and sent us back to our dorms … I had no idea what was going on. As soon as I walked into my dorm building we gathered around the tv and just then the 2nd plane hit.

  4. I was in AZ just getting up and getting ready for class. Jon had called me to tell me to turn the TV on. It was a very sad and quiet day, where not very much was said. TV’s were on everywhere and people where just sitting and staring at them.


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