super saturdays and Mr. Phelps

had blueberry muffins for breakfast/lunch. great way to start the day.

got 5 more songs demoed. Not all finished, but on the radar. So my official count of demo songs started is 17. I have more ready, but not on the computer tracked yet. But officially 17 started. So 33 more to go by Christmas to have my goal of 50 new songs by Christmas. Those who are around me daily know that I keep a tape recorder in my car and my room at all times. So it has helped soo much save ideas to listen back to and potentially use that I would usually just let slip my mind never to get back. So I have alot of ideas and melodies and riffs that I am listening through everyday to make sense of them all, since i usually just record 10 sec clips on my recorder, to save room on the tape. so its funny to rewind and listen to all the random things I have on there.

got a great bike ride in today with a friend, rode all the way downtown Muncie and back. Great to just enjoy the weather while it’s still nice.

But the BIG news of today that I’m excited about. How is Michael Phelps gonna do on SNL??? I’m on a faithful SNL watcher in the slilghtest, I would much rather just watch Chris Farley clips on Youtube, but I have to admit, I got very into Phelps and watched every race during the Olympics, and am very excited to see how this goes. I have watched several of his live appearances since the Olympics and he is definately not a very outgoing or comedic personality. So I think a lot of me is just excited to see if he will come out of his shell tonight on SNL. Could be amazing or very awkward to watch.

Oh and am I the only one who ever since Sarah Palin walked on stage for the first time thought that she was IDENTICAL to Tina Fey? Well I just heard a rumor that she make play her tonight on SNL as well, so I will be looking for that as well, because that would just be perfect.
And I called it first.

there is a rehearsal picture.

So who else will be watching SNL tonight?!?



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2 responses to “super saturdays and Mr. Phelps

  1. I will be watching it, wish you were here to watch it with Jon and I tonight!

  2. SNL was very disappointing.
    I def liked Payton as a host a lot more.

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