We had a great morning at the Bridge on Sunday. The Christina Aguilera song was rockin, Jill and the rest of the band killed it. Wii boxing was great, we had an UFC fighter who has started coming to our church up there (which is freakin cool) vs. a Marine that goes to our church. So it was fun seeing those two guys going at it. The spirit was great the whole morning, I think God was very present.

Set. 9.14.08
“Fighter” – Christina Aguilera
“Everlasting God” – Lincoln Brewster
“How can I keep from singing” – Chris Tomlin
“Unfailling Love” – Chris Tomlin
“Hold me now” – Jennifer Knapp (oooold school, great song, did it acoustically)

Then in the evening, I played at the 10 year anniversary of the 180 building, which is a Huge teen center in Muncie. It was a fun time.

how was your Sunday? (i will try not to be two days late next time)


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  1. Leanne

    “Hold Me Now” = 2nd favorite J. Knapp song … absolutely beautiful and simple. Good pick, my friend

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