lets get it on.

Our city basketball league started tonight.  Anytime after highschool that basketball players get a chance to play with refs and a scoreboard, it is very exciting.  While there might be 5 people watching us, I’m super pumped and I’ve got my game face on!

Oh and we won tonight, so we are 1 – 0!!  I’m not sure of my stats exactly, but i play the point, hit 3 or 4 three pointers and had some fun assists.  So it was a good start!

Man I love basketball,  even if it is a city league that no one watches.

20 years from now I will probably be like Uncle Ricco from Napoleon Dynamite and still be playing city league basketball and still thinking im in high school playing for the state championship.



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4 responses to “lets get it on.

  1. what a hardcore picture.
    very intimidating.

  2. Dad

    Sounds similar to what Roy Hobbs said in, “The Natural”….”Boy, I love this game.” I’m 58 years old now, and I would still suit up for a ballgame if I could. I still love the smell of leather, fresh mown grass, and a sweet wood bat in my hands. In my mind I’m still crashing into fences making spectacular catches and hitting home runs to win ballgames. Even if I can’t play now, those are sweet memories to have! When it gets in your blood it stays with you for a lifetime. I’m glad you’re still young enough to enjoy playing, and play well. You’ve always been a great player!
    (Like your brother, Jon!) Keep the passion!

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