what could you do all day long?

We had our first MLP rehearsal in months tonight, literally. Our last full band show was in late July (I just looked, July 25th in Pittsburgh, PA).

I can’t express how much joy it brings me just to put on my guitar and play original music, or teach the guys I’m playing with a new song. We have a show coming up next month and it will be with a completely new line up. This gets very challenging when you have to re teach old songs all over again that you feel were just finally starting to gel and be special with the old guys. This is a new chapter for my band MLP though. I am a band guy through and through, I want nothing more then to have a set line up and keep it those 3 or 4 people forever. but when that does not happen. I carry on. because I love creating music and I love playing live music for people, there is nothing like it. So when i have to bring a new person on board, it is just the way it is, because nothing will stop the music from carrying on, and I feel MLP is going to come back better and stronger then ever.

With having to teach new guys your old stuff, I do not even know where to begin when I have around 30 new songs that I want to start rehearsing as well. I have a tendency to be a practice freak and could easily make a new guys brain melt with new information overload.

Bottom line, it was amazing just to start working on some new material with the guys, and why I started to even write this post was to say…

I could have practiced for 8 hours tonight.

Especially when working on original material, I could go all day and all night, ask anyone who has played with me, I have to constantly remind myself not everyone thinks that way and I will make people never want to practice with me again.

I love it, when I am playing music, I feel alive and like I am truly doing something that I was created for. haha, and that is just rehearsing! Playing live for people is a completely different life moving experience for me but I can share about that some other time.

What could you do all day? What is one thing that everyone else wants to stop before you do?


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