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The 2008-2009 NBA basketball season kicked off last night and tonight my favorite team, The Phoenix Suns, opens up their season against rival San Antonio Spurs.  This is the first year in about 3 or 4 that the Suns are not in the top 3 predicted teams of the West, but I am excited and confident to see what they can do this year.  I think they have what it takes, we’ll see.

For alot of people my age, it seems the “cool” thing to say that NBA sucks and college basketball is way better.  I disagree and think a lot of people just say that because thats what they hear others say.  Maybe if guys would actually stay in college for more then a year and rivalries would actually form between players then I would enjoy college better.  I do enjoy the heart of college basketball, but when people blanket the NBA saying they are all for money and no one plays hard and all that garbage is just a blanket statement and they probably don’t watch the NBA very much anyways.  I’m not huge Pat Riley or Gregg Popovich fans, but you better believe their training camps are just as brutal as any college there is, and you have to look at guys like Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant who want win and are competitive at their very core, just like Michael Jordan did.   You could find a lot of spirit in high school basketball as well, I don’t hear people saying that high school basketball is better then the NBA, just because the kids play with heart and the stands are full of fans.   If college basketball was so great, then the players themselves would stay there longer.  NBA is the ultimate goal of a basketball player, and it is the best basketball.   And its not just the money either, its so they can compete with the best basketball players in the world.  Well that was my unintentional rant for this blog.

What is your FAV SPORT???

and I guess I could ask now after my rant, which is better, NBA or COLLEGE BASKETBALL???


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  1. Jon

    It’s on tonight brosky. The Suns better bring it.

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