So traveling with your gear constantly means that this is bound to happen sometime right? well no, but I have to tell myself that so i dont cuss at a piece of equipment like it’s the wires and knobs fault for falling out of my car.

Well my mesa dual rectifier head that I’ve had for about 5 years now, took a tumble out of my explorer the other day. Falling about 6 feet straight to the pavement. This is what it looked like.



Come to find out that of ALL the guitar centers in the country, only one in store in Massachusett’s even sells the 5U4G tubes that I had on my head anymore. So I switched to the 5U4GB tube, and as you can see they are quite smaller then the 5U4G’s, but hopefully the sound will not change with the update.


So here she is, after the replaced tubes and everything is back in tact. (or so I think)


Well come to find out as i plug her in to test it, still no power…  So my fears are realized and it looks like it is a bigger problem then just the busted tubes.  So hopefully something internally was just jarred loose, but we will find out soooon.

So if you pray, and would like to pray for my amp head, that would be wonderful.

And if he has other plans then I might start accepting a “matt’s new amp fund” soon.



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3 responses to “Ouuchhh….

  1. well dang.
    i hope it can be fixed .

  2. dude, that sucks.
    lets not sugar coat it…i’d be pissed.

  3. I have to say that seems like one of the sadder things that could happen.

    Maybe this is God’s way of telling you that you deserve a new amp? Or He’s teaching you a lesson in patience.

    Either way I guess I can pray for your amp head…? Why does that just not sound right … it’s got a little bit of a TWSS ring to it …

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