just livin the dream…

well the regular season has ended for our city league. now the tournament begins.

This is the big time.  So of course  a packed house of 13,538 in attendance.

Ok, really there was about 8.

10 if you count the scoring table.

12 if you count the refs.

14 if you count the snack vendor guys.

so no, this does not mean we will have any more people watching but it still is fun. anyone that knows me knows how much I love the game of basketball, but people that don’t know me always laugh or mumble under their breath when I tell them I play and just assume I’m plain aweful. But I can’t blame them, most musicians are not known for their athleticism. So I enjoy getting out on the court with them.

We won the tournament for our division last year, so we are hoping to defend our title this year. Maybe if we keep winning we could get 10 people out to root for us!



Did anyone notice the dragon behind the bench? he’s quite the heckler. make one mistake and he gives you crap about it the whole night. i swear.

Well we lost our first tournament game to the team we beat last year to win it, but it’s double elimination and so we have to win to keep playing now. We played a lot better tonight and won, so we are alive for another game! See if we can go back to back champs!

to be continued…


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  1. that dragon is kind of creepy.

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