still spinning

My mind is easily consumed by all the new music that is in my head and all the new songs that I am excited about working on.

As anyone who writes can relate, it’s very easy, especially when you have new material waiting, to feel like your previous music is old news.

So it’s nice to see when it is still finding new ways to pop up.

Most of you are familiar with the huge music festival Cornerstone. This happens every summer outside of Bushnell, Illinois. Well we were invited for the first time to play on stage this past summer. Unfortunately, this is when gas was like $15 a gallon, so as much as we were looking forward to playing, we did not feel at the time we could afford to make the trip, since it was up to us to get there on our own.

It has always been a joke of mine that the first time I would go to Cornerstone would be when I play there. I thought that would come true this past summer, but now we will just have to wait and see.

But even with us having to drop out of the line up, they still wanted us to be a part of their compilation Cd that they were putting together to promote. So we were happy to be still a part of Cornerstone through the Cd.


We were also asked to be apart of the LP compilation Cd. LP (The Launching Pad) was a great all ages venue in Muncie. It recently had to shut down due to financial problems. They put out a Cd to celebrate their short time in existence. They asked us to be apart of it, as we have played there several times. It was released the first of November.


the Cd has mostly area bands that had followings at the venue and played there often. However, if you notice, The Ataris are the next track after us. That is pretty neat for me just because i used to listen to the Ataris back in high school and really enjoyed some of their earlier music. They had played at LP a few times recently.


So we will see if any old songs keep showing up other places.



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4 responses to “still spinning

  1. Ah, I love seeing your name right above The Ataris. I totally had a flashback to high school …

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  3. Dad

    You have accomplished some great things!

  4. cool factoid-

    i have seen both MLP and OH Ave. (Songs 6 and 7 on the CD) in concert, both more than once

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