Acoustic Christmas cd…

So just a couple of weeks ago, I was kinda bummed out that I did not have more ways to play more Christmas music this season. There are so many songs out there and only about a month to use them.

So anyways, being the spontaneous person that I am, I decided to just record a simple acoustic instrumental record with the intentions of just handing it out at my church to spread some Christmas cheer. Well, I set up with a mixer and a mac in my living room and after a two nights of recording and playing around with some acoustic arrangements, finished 8 songs acoustically.

My goal was to have nothing but acoustic guitars on every track and I stuck to it.

And here I am a week later and after playing it for a few friends, quickly found out that this was going to be something that I could share with more then my church family. I have sent almost 200 Cd’s through email to this point and burned almost 200 copies to give out by hand. My friends then take them and have burned them for friends and family to share for the holiday season.

It has been a really neat thing to see spread. I have even gotten word that it has been playing around town from beauty salons to office buildings.

I joke with my friends that I spend 3 months slaving over an EP, and then I spend 2 nights making a whole acoustic album and it’s a hit. Thats just the way it goes though some times, nothing forced, things just happen.

So if anyone who is reading this would like a copy, here is the link for the Zip that will have all the songs.

If, for some reason the link is not working, just email me at

Here is the track listing.

1. The Christmas Song (chestnuts roasting…)

2. White Christmas

3. O Holy Night

4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

5. This Christmas

6. I’ll be home for Christmas

7. What Child is This

8. Please Come Home for Christmas

Enjoy a night of relaxing music on me!


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  1. It’s good stuff my friend.
    Sometimes Christmas music has too much going on.
    Your tracks are just simple and raw.
    Love it…and I love you.

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