MLP writing/recording updatess

So as some of you know, I made a goal of writing 50 new songs by Christmas. I made this goal around the first of September.

Well i have been at around 30 new songs for a few weeks now, just fine tuning many of the new songs, finishing up extra verse words, putting in new bridges, updating melodies, and things of that sort.

I have switched my focus more on trying get some of these new songs full band demoed out rather then stacking up my total to 50. There is something out recording new material that makes you feel weird about writing even more, because you get stuck wanting to finish the songs you are demoing now and make them the best they can be in the moment.

So I feel very good about all of the new material that I have been writing and am excited to get some of the demos finished up to let some people hear.

I will continue to work on finishing my 50 songs as well, but I since I have so much new material, I am more focused on getting some songs laid down rather then have 50 songs with nothing to show yet, but my mind is always churning so I am still recording new thoughts into my trusty tape recorder for new songs.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures from the studio.

If God lays it on anyone’s heart to fund the building of a new home studio for me, you just let me know.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but since I don’t have any pictures for this post, and I’m like a 5 year old with putting pictures in all my posts. here is a pretty cool picture that my bro took on Thanksgiving night.

He loves black and white pictures. Thanks brosky.



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just livin the dream…

well the regular season has ended for our city league. now the tournament begins.

This is the big time.  So of course  a packed house of 13,538 in attendance.

Ok, really there was about 8.

10 if you count the scoring table.

12 if you count the refs.

14 if you count the snack vendor guys.

so no, this does not mean we will have any more people watching but it still is fun. anyone that knows me knows how much I love the game of basketball, but people that don’t know me always laugh or mumble under their breath when I tell them I play and just assume I’m plain aweful. But I can’t blame them, most musicians are not known for their athleticism. So I enjoy getting out on the court with them.

We won the tournament for our division last year, so we are hoping to defend our title this year. Maybe if we keep winning we could get 10 people out to root for us!



Did anyone notice the dragon behind the bench? he’s quite the heckler. make one mistake and he gives you crap about it the whole night. i swear.

Well we lost our first tournament game to the team we beat last year to win it, but it’s double elimination and so we have to win to keep playing now. We played a lot better tonight and won, so we are alive for another game! See if we can go back to back champs!

to be continued…

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So traveling with your gear constantly means that this is bound to happen sometime right? well no, but I have to tell myself that so i dont cuss at a piece of equipment like it’s the wires and knobs fault for falling out of my car.

Well my mesa dual rectifier head that I’ve had for about 5 years now, took a tumble out of my explorer the other day. Falling about 6 feet straight to the pavement. This is what it looked like.



Come to find out that of ALL the guitar centers in the country, only one in store in Massachusett’s even sells the 5U4G tubes that I had on my head anymore. So I switched to the 5U4GB tube, and as you can see they are quite smaller then the 5U4G’s, but hopefully the sound will not change with the update.


So here she is, after the replaced tubes and everything is back in tact. (or so I think)


Well come to find out as i plug her in to test it, still no power…  So my fears are realized and it looks like it is a bigger problem then just the busted tubes.  So hopefully something internally was just jarred loose, but we will find out soooon.

So if you pray, and would like to pray for my amp head, that would be wonderful.

And if he has other plans then I might start accepting a “matt’s new amp fund” soon.


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My one month blogging hiatus is over!! I got to go home to Evansville and see my family for thanksgiving. I had an amazing and relaxing time. I got to see some friends, I went in and play some songs on guitar for my mom’s 2nd grade class, and my friends helped fit in Big Dave’s bachelor party while i was in town. So the night before I left, we spent all day together with three of my best friends. I have been in all of their weddings and now with Dave, I am the last single man standing. I will be back in eville in over a week for his wedding Dec 13th.

I got to put up the Christmas lights at my parents house! I love Christmas lights, and Jon took some other pictures. My bro and his wife took some funny pictures for their Christmas card and I will post those as well.

I think i put on 5 lbs in the past week, no joke.


how was your Thanksgiving?

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My Fav

The 2008-2009 NBA basketball season kicked off last night and tonight my favorite team, The Phoenix Suns, opens up their season against rival San Antonio Spurs.  This is the first year in about 3 or 4 that the Suns are not in the top 3 predicted teams of the West, but I am excited and confident to see what they can do this year.  I think they have what it takes, we’ll see.

For alot of people my age, it seems the “cool” thing to say that NBA sucks and college basketball is way better.  I disagree and think a lot of people just say that because thats what they hear others say.  Maybe if guys would actually stay in college for more then a year and rivalries would actually form between players then I would enjoy college better.  I do enjoy the heart of college basketball, but when people blanket the NBA saying they are all for money and no one plays hard and all that garbage is just a blanket statement and they probably don’t watch the NBA very much anyways.  I’m not huge Pat Riley or Gregg Popovich fans, but you better believe their training camps are just as brutal as any college there is, and you have to look at guys like Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant who want win and are competitive at their very core, just like Michael Jordan did.   You could find a lot of spirit in high school basketball as well, I don’t hear people saying that high school basketball is better then the NBA, just because the kids play with heart and the stands are full of fans.   If college basketball was so great, then the players themselves would stay there longer.  NBA is the ultimate goal of a basketball player, and it is the best basketball.   And its not just the money either, its so they can compete with the best basketball players in the world.  Well that was my unintentional rant for this blog.

What is your FAV SPORT???

and I guess I could ask now after my rant, which is better, NBA or COLLEGE BASKETBALL???

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what could you do all day long?

We had our first MLP rehearsal in months tonight, literally. Our last full band show was in late July (I just looked, July 25th in Pittsburgh, PA).

I can’t express how much joy it brings me just to put on my guitar and play original music, or teach the guys I’m playing with a new song. We have a show coming up next month and it will be with a completely new line up. This gets very challenging when you have to re teach old songs all over again that you feel were just finally starting to gel and be special with the old guys. This is a new chapter for my band MLP though. I am a band guy through and through, I want nothing more then to have a set line up and keep it those 3 or 4 people forever. but when that does not happen. I carry on. because I love creating music and I love playing live music for people, there is nothing like it. So when i have to bring a new person on board, it is just the way it is, because nothing will stop the music from carrying on, and I feel MLP is going to come back better and stronger then ever.

With having to teach new guys your old stuff, I do not even know where to begin when I have around 30 new songs that I want to start rehearsing as well. I have a tendency to be a practice freak and could easily make a new guys brain melt with new information overload.

Bottom line, it was amazing just to start working on some new material with the guys, and why I started to even write this post was to say…

I could have practiced for 8 hours tonight.

Especially when working on original material, I could go all day and all night, ask anyone who has played with me, I have to constantly remind myself not everyone thinks that way and I will make people never want to practice with me again.

I love it, when I am playing music, I feel alive and like I am truly doing something that I was created for. haha, and that is just rehearsing! Playing live for people is a completely different life moving experience for me but I can share about that some other time.

What could you do all day? What is one thing that everyone else wants to stop before you do?

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